Typical AutoNoiseWatch Results

Persistents become obvious.  Untaxed/Un-MoT'd vehicles highlighted

Trusted community members verify the VRMs against the image.  Once verified, the persistently noisy vehicles 'bubble to the top'... making it easy to see which vehicles are deliberately noisy.   This means vehicles with a temporarily faulty exhaust are not prioritised over vehicles with deliberate modifications.

The system even highlights those vehicles (typically about 4%) that are driving in untaxed or un-MoT'd vehicles.

Reports Automatically Generated

No need to return to the units to retrieve data; instead the reports can be sent at a touch of a button!  

The aggregated intelligence reporting enables the police to rapidly and effectively target their resources in the most efficient manner, whether by visiting the registered keeper, writing a warning letter, or deploying a Traffic Enforcement Unit.

Reported offences can also be 'throttled back' to limit the number of vehicles that are reported to the police, focusing just on those causing the greatest nuisance.

Heatmaps show when and where police should enforce

Heatmaps for both persistent noisy vehicles and for locations graphically guide  Enforcement Units on when and where to deploy to best effect.  This makes their enforcement process more effective and efficient, reducing their workload, whilst making the biggest impact on the fundamental problem.  The community guides and assists the police rather than fighting against them.

That is just from a single Roadside Unit......When combined with all the information from the neighbouring Roadside Units in other communities, the police get a virtually live indication of where to enforce.  The system identifies those creating the greatest and most noise nuisance to others, rather than penalising a temporary exhaust fault.

AutoNoiseWatch - an effective tool to reduce anti-social noise polluting behaviour.