About AutoNoiseWatch

AutoNoiseWatch, a vehicle noise camera and sister product to AutoSpeedWatch, automatically records noisy vehicles to provide intelligence for targetted enforcement.

  • Identifies vehicles with illegally noisy exhausts
  • Shows habits of where and when the vehicle is used
  • Provides efficient intelligence for Police enforcement
  • Easy installation & use
  • Very low Capital and Operating costs

It is NOT an enforcement camera; It does not issue fines or directly penalise. Instead AutoNoiseWatch identifies vehicles where the noise it produces is excessively over the legal limit, detailing where and when the vehicle tends to be used.  This allows effective targetted police enforcement.  See how it works.

  • Network of interconnected noise monitoring units
  • Improves police efficiency & reduces resources required
  • Allows targeted, prioritised enforcement measures
  • Provides feedback to Community  groups

Although very cost-effective it has some limitations:  Being solar-powered makes it easy to install, but it does mean that it relies of good solar energy.    In low winter sun, it may need to sometimes briefly rest to recharge, but it self-manages it's energy and will jump back into life as soon as it can.  At present it only records noisy vehicles during daylight hours, but a night-capable upgrade is in development.  It makes it easy to police against the scourge of illegally noisy vehicles.

AutoNoiseWatch is designed compliant with legislation, is non-intrusive, and provides intelligence for appropriate policing measures.  It allows a closer and more productive relationship between the police and the communities affected by anti-social vehicles.

About Autospeedwatch Limited

Following the success of AutoSpeedWatch we have also developed the vehicle noise camera 'AutoNoiseWatch' to improve community amenity and reduce anti-social behaviours, whilst keeping the cost to the community as low as possible.   Autospeedwatch Limited is a privately owned innovations business based in Somerset.